WATSONVILLE, CALIFORNIA (May 18, 2024) – 2023 Western Midget Racing runner-up Logan Mitchell of Santa Cruz scored a coveted home track win on Friday night, taking the 20-lap feature at Watsonville’s Ocean Speedway. Mitchell had previously scored three second place finishes at the quarter-mile dirt track at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds. The win is his second of the season and thrusts him into the championship points lead heading into Saturday night’s co-sanction with BCRA for the Tom Manning Memorial at Petaluma Speedway.

“Man I’m going to get emotional right now. I’ve been going here as a fan since I was a little baby. To win here finally with a bunch friends and fans and family – what a better way to get our first Ocean win,” Mitchell said.

Delano’s Terry Nichols and Mitchell starred in a thrilling heat race to kick off the night, with Nichols crossing over Mitchell to win the eight-lap contest. The heat race result was inverted by four for the main event lineup, slotting Boscacci Racing teammates Anthony Bruno of San Jose and Bryant Bell of Oakley on the front row for the feature.

Bruno led lap before his championship winning teammate Bell knifed underneath him on the backstretch to lead lap two. Bruno then flipped wildly in turn one for a red flag on lap five. He was uninjured.

Bell paced Mitchell at the front of the pack before shattered dreams when Bell’s Toyota Walnut Creek sponsored machine went up in smoke on lap 13.

Mitchell assumed the top spot and led the final seven circuits for the popular victory. Nichols finished second followed by Lodi’s Nate Wait, Moorpark’s Todd Hawse, and Santa Clarita’s Todd Hawse.

Western Midget Racing races again Saturday night to complete a doubleheader, running in a co-sanctioned feature with BCRA for the Tom Manning Memorial.

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RESULTS: Ocean Speedway May 17, 2024

A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 96X-Logan Mitchell[3]; 2. 1K-Terry Nichols[4]; 3. 35W-Nate Wait[5]; 4. 18-Todd Hawse[7]; 5. 15-Adam Weisberg[8]; 6. 20-Kyle Hawse[6]; 7. 09-Bryant Bell[2]; 8. 9-Anthony Bruno[1]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 1K-Terry Nichols[2]; 2. 96X-Logan Mitchell[4]; 3. 09-Bryant Bell[3]; 4. 9-Anthony Bruno[1]; 5. 35W-Nate Wait[8]; 6. 20-Kyle Hawse[6]; 7. 18-Todd Hawse[5]; 8. 15-Adam Weisberg[7]

2024 WMR Schedule – Subject to Change

March 16 Ventura Raceway – WINNER: Anthony Bruno

March 29 Ocean Speedway – RAIN OUT

March 30 Marysville Raceway – RAIN OUT

April 20 Bakersfield Speedway – WINNER: Logan Mitchell

May 4 Ventura Raceway – WINNER: Bryant Bell

May 17 Ocean Speedway – WINNER: Logan Mitchell

May 18 Petaluma Speedway w/ BCRA Tom Manning Memorial

June 7 Ocean Speedway

June 8 Petaluma Speedway

June 22 Ventura Raceway

July 12 Ocean Speedway Howard Kaeding Classic

July 13 Ocean Speedway Howard Kaeding Classic

July 26 Ocean Speedway

July 27 Antioch Speedway

August 9 Ocean Speedway Johnny Key Classic

August 10 Ocean Speedway Johnny Key Classic

September 21 Bakersfield Speedway

October 25 Kevin Harvick’s Kern Raceway October Classic

October 26 Ventura Raceway