2023 Schedule Subject to Change

2023 Championship Series format will be decided upon a driver's best 12 finishes

Points format: 50, 48, 46, 44, 42, etc. 10 show up points for cars that fail to start feature.

2.4Adobe Mountain Speedway (AZ)WINNER - DUSTIN CORMANY
3.18Mohave Valley Raceway (AZ)WINNER - DRAKE EDWARDS
3.31Ocean Speedway (CA)RAIN OUT
4.1Antioch Speedway (CA)RAIN OUT
4.29Ventura Raceway (National)WINNER - BRYANT BELL
5.12Ocean Speedway (CA)WINNER - BLAKE BOWER
5.13Petaluma Speedway (CA)WINNER - BRYANT BELL
6.9Ocean Speedway (CA)
6.10Petaluma Speedway (CA)
6.17Ventura Raceway *Wagsdash* (National)
7.14 & 15 Ocean Speedway *Howard Kaeding Classic* (CA)
7.28 Ocean Speedway (CA)
7.29 Antioch Speedway (CA)
8.11 Ocean Speedway (CA)
8.12 Marysville Raceway (CA)
9.2Bakersfield Speedway (National)
9.30 Mohave Valley Raceway (AZ)
10.21 Ventura Raceway (National)