WATSONVILLE, CALIFORNIA (July 28, 2023) – Brentwood’s Blake Bower earned his 13th career Western Midget Racing Ocean Speedway victory on his 22nd birthday, winning Friday’s action in Watsonville. The two-time defending series champion anchored a Boscacci Racing lockdown of the podium positions after the 20-lap feature.

Shawn Arriaga of Antioch and Bryant Bell of Oakley split the eight-lap heat races. Anthony Bruno of San Jose and Brentwood’s Adrianna DeMartini were the front row starters for the main event.

DeMartini led lap one while Bruno slipped back to fifth on the opening circuit. Bower looked underneath DeMartini in turn two to nab the lead on lap three.

DeMartini ran within a car length of Bower for a few laps before falling into the clutches of three-time 2023 winner Drake Edwards of Surprise, Ariz.

Edwards showed his nose to DeMartini on the inside several times before Bell was able to take third away from Edwards.

The top-four cars comprised of the three Boscacci Racing teammates and Edwards, running closely together over the final half of the feature. Bell overhauled DeMartini for second then tried to run down Bower for the win.

Bower charged ahead on the final two laps for the victory followed by Bell. DeMartini held off a late upstairs challenge from Edwards for third. Bruno rounded out the top-five.

Western Midget Racing competes at Antioch Speedway on Saturday night with the Hunt Magnetos Wingless Sprints also competing. For more information visit

RESULTS: Ocean Speedway July 28, 2023

HEAT 1 (8 LAPS): 6-Shawn Arriaga.; HEAT 2 (8 LAPS): 09-Bryant Bell

FEATURE (20 LAPS): 1. 9-Blake Bower[4]; 2. 09-Bryant Bell[5]; 3. 19-Adrianna DeMartini[2]; 4. 4R-Drake Edwards[3]; 5. 54-Anthony Bruno[1]; 6. 96X-Logan Mitchell[9]; 7. 6-Shawn Arriaga[6]; 8. 7-Greg Dennett[7]; 9. 11-Jerry Kobza[10]; 10. 66-Darin Horton[8]; 11. 15-Adam Weisberg[13]; 12. 68-Marvin Mitchell[11]; 13. (DNS) 8-Jason Sanders

2023 WMR Schedule – Subject to Change

2.4 Adobe Mountain Speedway – Winner: Dustin Cormany

3.18 Mohave Valley Raceway – Winner: Drake Edwards

3.31 Ocean Speedway – RAIN

4.1 Antioch Speedway – RAIN

4.29 Ventura Raceway – Winner: Bryant Bell

5.12 Ocean Speedway – Winner: Blake Bower

5.13 Petaluma Speedway – Winner: Bryant Bell

6.9 Ocean Speedway – Winner: Blake Bower

6.10 Petaluma Speedway – Winner: Bryant Bell

6.17 Ventura Raceway *Wagsdash* Winner: Drake Edwards

7.14 Ocean Speedway *Howard Kaeding Classic* Winner: Drake Edwards

7.15 Ocean Speedway *Howard Kaeding Classic* Winner: Blake Bower

7.28 Ocean Speedway Winner: Blake Bower

7.29 Antioch Speedway

8.11 Ocean Speedway

8.12 Marysville Raceway

9.2 Bakersfield Speedway

9.30 Mohave Valley Raceway

10.21 Ventura Raceway