Glendale, Ariz. (October 2, 2022) – Nathan High of Goodyear, Ariz. earned his second consecutive Western Midget Racing presented by Masters Design and Construction win at Adobe Mountain Speedway in Glendale, Ariz. on Saturday night.

Tyler High and Dustin Cormany of Peoria, Ariz. split the eight-lap heat races before the 20-lap feature. Cormany and his teammate Drake Edwards shared the front row for the main event over a 12-car field.

Cormany led the first ten laps with Edwards in hot pursuit. Edwards snookered the lead on lap 11. Both cars suffered issues that prevented them from finishing the feature, however, ending a tremendous duel.

High inherited the top spot and never looked back, accumulating a .539 second victory. Peoria, Ariz.’s Cory Brown finished second. Gary DeWitt of Mesa, Ariz. finished third in just his second-career start. Tyler and Chloe High rounded out the top-five.

Western Midget Racing competes next at the Petaluma Speedway on October 8 and will be joined by Winged 360 Sprint Cars, Hobby Stocks, and Mini Stocks.

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Western Midget Racing is presented by: Masters Design and Construction, Rockwell Security, Rams Racing, Hoosier Racing Tire, Extreme Mufflers, FTK, Blud Lubricants, and West Evans Motorsports.

October 1, 2022 – Adobe Mountain Speedway (Glendale, Ariz.) Results

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 33AZ-Tyler High[1]; 2. 32-Cory Brown[3]; 3. 22-Stevie Sussex III[4]; 4. 21AZ-Chase Farris[2]; 5. 48-Gary DeWitt[6]; 6. 5S-Racin Silva[5]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 82D-Dustin Cormany[2]; 2. 86-Drake Edwards[4]; 3. 01-Nathan High[6]; 4. 20D-Shon Deskins[5]; 5. 20-Kyle Hawse[1]; 6. 3AZ-Chloe High[3]

A Feature (20 Laps): 1. 01-Nathan High[3]; 2. 32-Cory Brown[5]; 3. 48-Gary DeWitt[8]; 4. 33AZ-Tyler High[4]; 5. 3AZ-Chloe High[12]; 6. 21AZ-Chase Farris[9]; 7. 20-Kyle Hawse[10]; 8. 20D-Shon Deskins[7], 9. 86-Drake Edwards[2]; 10. 82D-Dustin Cormany[1]; 11. 22-Stevie Sussex III[6];