Ventura, Calif. (October 17, 2021) – Ventura’s Randy Moody returned to car racing and returned to victory lane as the newest winner in Western Midget Racing presented by Masters Design and Construction on Saturday night at Ventura Raceway. Moody has several wins of the years in TQ Midget and Sprint Car competition along with a successful motorcycle racing career. His return to competition after several years came aboard Kevin Felkins’ No. 35s.

19-cars started the main event with Moody starting on the pole position. The first caution of the 20-lap feature flew on lap eight for multiple cars spinning in turn three including Arizona’s Kyle Huttenhow and David Raquenio. Kyle Hawse of Las Vegas slowed on the restart attempt to require an additional caution.

Moody paced second in points David Prickett of Fresno in a close fight throughout the contest. Todd Hawse stopped in turn one on the final lap, setting up a two-lap shootout. Moody successfully held off Prickett for the victory followed by Hawaiian Kala Keliinoi, Randi Pankratz of Atascadero, and Delta Speedway Micro Sprint champion Caden Sarale of Stockton. Arizona’s Cory Brown, Prickett, and Pankratz split the three heat races.

Western Midget Racing returns to Ventura Raceway on October 30 for the penultimate race of the 2021 championship season.

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Western Midget Racing is presented by: Masters Design and Construction, Rockwell Security, Rams Racing, Hoosier Racing Tire, Extreme Mufflers, FTK, Blud Lubricants, and West Evans Motorsports.

October 16, 2021 – Ventura Raceway (Ventura, Calif.) Results

HEAT 1 (8 laps) – 1. 32 Cory Brown; HEAT 2 (8 laps) – 1. 22q David Prickett; HEAT 3 (8 laps) – 11 Randi Pankratz

FEATURE (20 laps) – 1. 35s Randy Moody, 2. 22q David Prickett, 3. 8k Kala Keliinoi, 4. 11 Randi Pankratz, 5. 7 Caden Sarale, 6. 9 Blake Bower, 7. 5 Drake Edwards, 8. 32 Cory Brown, 9. 35x Colton Hulesmann, 10. 74 Greg Jewett, 11. 3az Nathan High, 12. 20w Megan Moorhead, 13. 55 Tyler Rodriguez, 14. 35SR Brody Petrie, 15. 22 Paul Sanders, 16. 57 Kyle Huttenhow, 17. 20 Kyle Hawse, 18. 31 Todd Hawse, 19. 12H David Raquenio DNS: 35 Chris Carmody

NEXT RACE: October 30 Ventura Raceway (Ventura, Calif.)