WATSONVILLE, CALIF. (July 17, 2020) – Fresno’s David Prickett scored his eighth Western Midget Racing win of his career, steering the #22q Spike/EcoTec to victory in the 20-lap contest. Photo by Joe Shivak.

2019 Dixon Speedway Non-Wing Micro Sprint champion Norman Harley Rose started on the pole but swung wide coming to complete the first lap. Brentwood’s Blake Bower capitalized in the #10 Bay Muffler Stealth EcoTec to lead the opening lap after starting fourth. Prickett started sixth but advanced up to second by lap three.

Prickett followed Bower for several laps before taking the lead on lap seven. Watsonville’s Tyler Slay stopped on the backstretch after a spin, drawing the lone caution of the race on lap 11. Bower bicycled hard in turn one with three to go and was unable to challenge Prickett to the finish.

Central Point, OR’s Theron Smith won a lengthy battle for third ahead of Slay and Tyler Dolacki of Fresno in fifth.

The WMR moves on to Petaluma Speedway on Saturday night for their debut race at the adobe 3/8ths mile oval. For more information visit

A Feature 1 20 Laps
1. 22Q-David Prickett[6]; 2. 10-Blake Bower[4]; 3. 6-Theron Smith[3]; 4. 6S-Tyler Slay[5]; 5. 50-Tyler Dolacki[9]; 6. 24-Cameron Beard[2]; 7. 58-Harley Rose[1]; 8. 12H-David Raquenio[7]; 9. 0FG-Jon Santibanes[8]

Heat 1 8 Laps
1. 22Q-David Prickett[8]; 2. 6S-Tyler Slay[7]; 3. 10-Blake Bower[1]; 4. 6-Theron Smith[2]; 5. 24-Cameron Beard[4]; 6. 58-Harley Rose[5]; 7. 12H-David Raquenio[9]; 8. 0FG-Jon Santibanes[3]; 9. 50-Tyler Dolacki[6]

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